QTP Test Process Videos

QTP Test Process Videos

  QTP Test Process
I) Planning 

a)  Get Environment Details (UI design technology and database) from Development team 

b) Analyze the AUT in terms of Object Identification 

c) Select Areas or Test cases for Automation Tool settings Configuration & 

d) Globalize Automation Framework Implementation

II) Generating Basic Tests 

 a) Object Repository based Test Design 
          1) Recording 
          2) Keyword Driven methodology 

b) Descriptive Programming/programmatic Descriptions
         1) Static Programming 
         2) Dynamic Programming Hybrid Approach 

 III) Enhancing Tests 

 1) Inserting Checkpoints (QTP) (9+3) 

 2) Inserting Output values (QTP) (7)

 3) Parametrization (QTP, VBS) 

4) Synchronization (QTP, VBS)

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