Selenium Interview Questions Part 1

Selenium Interview Questions and Answers Part-1

Interview Questions on Selenium Basics

1) What is Selenium?

> Selenium is a suite of tools to automate web browsers, Selenium supports web Applications testing only, doesn't support Windows based client/server Applications testing.

> Selenium tools are mainly used for Functional and Regression Testing of Web Applications.

2) What are the Components or tools of Selenium?

Selenium IDE

Selenium RC

Selenium WebDriver

Selenium Grid


Selenium 1.0 (Selenium IDE + Selenium RC + Selenium Grid)

Selenium 2.0 (Selenium IDE + Selenium RC + Selenium WebDriver + Selenium Grid)

3) What is selenium IDE?

> It is a test tool in Selenium suite, used record and play back test cases.

> It has IDE to create and execute test cases, but it doesn't support programming to enhance test cases.

> Selenium IDE supports Mozilla Firefox browser only.

4) What is Selenium WebDriver?

> It is test tool in Selenium suite, using element locators and Webdriver methods we can create and execute test cases.

> Selenium Webdriver supports Programming (Either Java or Perl or PHP or C#.Net or Python or Ruby) to enhance test cases.

> Selenium WebDriver supports Mozilla Firefox, IE, Google Chrome, Safari etc...Browsers.

> It supports MS Windows, UNIX and Macintosh operating environments.

5) What is Selenium Grid?

> Selenium Grid is a tool in Selenium suite to execute test cases in Parallel,

6) What are the advantages of Selenium?

> Selenium suite of tools are open source tools, anybody can download and use with free of cost.

> Selenium supports various operating environments like MS Windows, UNIX, Macintosh etc...

> Selenium supports various Programming languages to enhance test cases.

> Selenium supports various Browsers.

7) What are the disadvantages of Selenium?

> Since it is Open source suite of tools no reliable support from anybody.

> No centralized maintenance of Objects.

> New features may not work properly.

> It doesn't support Windows based Client/server applications.

> Limited support form Image testing.

8) How to configure Selenium?

Selenium IDE:
Launch Firefox browser, Download Selenium IDE from and install.

Selenium WebDriver:

> Download Eclipse IDE and extract

> Download Java software and install.

> Download Selenium Webdriver Java language bindings from website.

> Create Java project in Eclipse and add selenium WebDriver jar file to Java project in Eclipse.

9) What is JUnit?

> JUnit is a Testing framework used for Unit testing

> JUnit is also used with Selenium for Functional Testing.

> Using JUnit with Selenium we can group test cases, execute test batches and generate detailed test reports.

10) What is TestNG?

> TestNG is a test automation framework used in Selenium to group test cases, executes series of test cases and generate detailed test reports.

11) What about Selenium certification?

> Since it is open source software, no authorized certification exam for Selenium.

> Some organizations are conducting Selenium certification exam but no value guarantee.

12) What is Selenium license?

> All Selenium projects released under Apache 2.0 License.

> Anybody can download and use Selenium suite of tools with free of cost.

> Anybody can update the source code and use.

> Selling updated code is not allowed, this is the primary objective of Apache 2.0 license.

13) What is ANT?

> Apache Ant is a tool that automates the software build process. It also supports testing.

> Ant is used for code compilation, deployment, and execution process.

14) What is Jenkins and what is the usage of Jenkins in Selenium?

> Jenkins is an open source continuous integration tool written in Java.

> It is cross-platform and can be used on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Solaris environments.

> Running Selenium tests in Jenkins allows us to run our tests every time our software changes and deploy the software to a new environment when the tests pass.

> Jenkins can schedule our tests to run at specific time.

15) What is Maven? 

> Maven is a build automation tool used primarily for Java projects.
Choose Selenium tools and others:

For Functional and Regression Testing of your web bases applications choose following tools and plug-ins.

> Eclipse IDE to create and execute Java programs/WebDriver & TestNG Test cases.

> Java Programming language to enhance Selenium WebDriver Test cases.

> Selenium WebDriver to recognize elements (objects) in our web application and perform operations on elements.

> Firebug and Firepath to inspect elements in Mozilla Firefox browser.

> TestNG Framework for grouping test cases, executing series of test cases and generating test reports.

> Maven



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