UFT Interview Questions Part 1

UFT Interview Questions and Answers Part 1
1) What is UFT?

> HP Unified Functional Testing (Formerly QTP) is a Functional & Regression Test tool.

> Advanced version of QTP is UFT (UFT = QTP + Service Tools)

(QTP 6.5 to 11.00, UFT 11.5 to 12.51 ........)

> UFT is an Object based Test tool

> UFT supports Windows based and Web based, and Mobile (Native, Hybrid) Applications.

> UFT supports MS Windows operating environment only.

> UFT recognizes objects in our application based on Add ins.

> UFT has an integrated VBScript engine to enhance Tests

> UFT has an integrated MS Access Database engine for Database operations.

2) What are the Phases of UFT Testing Process?

UFT Testing Process phases

i) Test Planning

ii) Generate basic Tests

iii) Enhance Tests

iv) Running & Debugging Tests

v) Analyzing Test Results and Reporting Defects

3) What are the important tasks in Test Planning phase?

> Get AUT environment details (UI design technology and Database) form development for selecting appropriate Add ins.

> Analyze the AUT in terms of Object Identification

> Select Test cases for Automation

> Tool settings configuration and globalize

> Automation Framework Implementation (Optional)

4) How to generate basic Tests in UFT?

UFT supports 2 types of Test design,

i) Object Repository based Test design

        a) Recording
        b) Keyword driven methodology

ii) Descriptive Programming
        1) Static programming
        2) Dynamic Programming

5) How to enhance Tests in UFT?

i) Inserting Checkpoints

ii) Inserting Output values

iii) Inserting Transaction points

iv) Parameterization

v) Synchronization

vi) Using Environment variables

vii) Using Regular expressions

viii) Using VBScript Flow control statements

ix) Using Actions and Functions

x) Error Handling (using Recovery scenarios, and VBScript features)

xi) Using Automation objects

xii) Add Comments

6) How to debug UFT Tests or Test Scripts?

Using Debug commands (Step into, Step over, Step out) and Breakpoints.

7) How to conduct Batch Testing?

We have 4 possibilities to conduct Batch Testing,

> Using "Test Batch Runner" tool

> Using AOM Script (QTP Application Object)

> Using ALM (By integrating UFT with ALM)

> Using Driver Script (Driver Script also UFT Test)

8) When we define Test Results in UFT?

> Whenever we use VBScript features to enhance Tests then we nedd to define Test resluts.

> If we use UFT tool features like Checkpoints, Output values etc...then UFT can provide Test Results.

9) What are different types of Test Results status in UFT?

UFT supports 4 types of Results status,

i) Pass

ii) Fail

iii) Done

iv) Warning

10) What is ALM?

> ALM (Application Life cycle management) is a Project life cycle management tool.

> We can integrate UFT with ALM for Test Management.

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